Endangered Animals

By: Jackson Christensen

There are endangered animals all over the world. Over 41,400 species are considered endangered! Over 100 million endangered animals are killed each year in the United States! Also over 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to PLASTIC!

Here’s how we can help.

When we recycle we are making sure that the plastic were recycling does not go to the ocean and killing the marine animals.

Here are some endangered animals I’ve selected to talk about. 

The Mountain Gorilla

They’re only 790 Mountain Gorillas left. Mountain Gorillas are special because they’re DNA is 98% the same as are’s. Not only that but they use sticks and rocks to make tools. They can also learn over 1,000 words in sign language! Mountain Gorillas have the intelligence of a small child! The reason they are endangered is because of ebola! ebola killed 90% of there population!

The White Rhino

There are only 2 white rhinos left. Sudan who was the last male died on march 19, 2018. Now there are only two female white rhino left. White Rhinos are the second largest land animal in the world! White rhinos are endangered because of humans. There horns are very valuable because they are used for making medicine that helps with very many things.

Red Pandas

Is it Friday yet?

There are less than 10,000 red pandas left in the world! The reason they are endangered is because of habitation loss. Approximately 10,000 red pandas die each year! 7,000 of those red pandas are killed by deforestation! At this rate they could become extinct! How could we lose something so cute!

Ocean Plastic

Over 8 million metric tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean each year! In some spots the plastic is 7 miles deep! Over 90% of this plastic comes from 10 rivers! 1,100,000 animals die each year from ocean plastic! It is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish by 2050! There are people working on it though! A team called the Ocean Clean Up have been working on a giant tube that funnels all the plastic it catches into one small spot. It is estimated that in 5 years it will remove 50% of San Francisco’s plastic! This will be the biggest clean up in history!

Here's how I helped!

I heard that over 90% of the plastic in the ocean comes from rivers so I went with a big group of people and helped pick up 1,000 pounds of plastic! It took about 3 hours but it was fun! Now that is 1,000 pounds less of plastic in the ocean!

Thank you for listening! ( :

If You're too lazy to pick up your own garbage to save the animals then...

If I had a few more months...

If I had a few more months I would of done more clean ups.

My mistakes

I didn’t have very many mistakes. My worse on was that At first my format was bad.